Traffic is free flowing for holiday-goers on the motorway heading back into Auckland today, but a crane is causing congestion in the city centre.

About 6pm State Highway 1 was flowing easily, with no delays.

New Zealand Transport Agency spokeswoman Rua Papi said she "didn't want to jinx it", but traffic was "looking pretty good".

"It's much better than we were expecting."


Papi said there had been areas in Auckland with moderate congestion this afternoon, but it was as expected and not extreme.

"There was a bit [of congestion] in Wellsford early afternoon, but since then it's been quite mild."

Papi said she thought travellers might have listened to NZTA's warnings not to travel at peak times.

"There were a few incidents, but they were clear by midday."

The spokeswoman said Coromandel had experienced minor congestion on Kopu Bridge this afternoon, but it had also cleared.

A crane on Hobson St in central Auckland was causing issues for commuters this afternoon, where traffic had been condensed into one lane.

An employee at One Stop Cafe on Hobson St said there was quite a bit of traffic outside, going quite slow.

"It's a big yellow crane, it's stationary now but it was moving stuff across in the last few hours."

Earlier this morning the road between Weranui Rd & Hatfield Bridge on Hibiscus Coast Highway was closed following a crash.

NZTA urged travellers to avoid the area or expect delays.

One person was in critical condition after a car left the road and crashed into a tree.

Emergency services were called to the crash near the Waiwera Rd intersection about 9.30am.

The road was reopened about 12pm.

Earlier in Wellington a breakdown was partially blocking the SB left-lane between Tawa and Churton Park due to a crash.

The road was also reopened about 12pm.

The NZTA also warned travellers to be prepared for possible delays around Auckland's Stanley St from tomorrow, with the ASB Classic Men's tennis on daily.