Thieves stole cash registers from an Auckland McDonald's restaurant where they smashed the window at the drive-through counter early today.

The police said they were called just before 1am after reports that two people had smashed the drive-through window of the McDonald's in Stoddard Rd, Mt Roskill.

"They have got into the store and made off with two tills, and left in a vehicle," a spokeswoman said.

"No-one was injured, and police have spoken with a number of staff and other witnesses."


"The pair have left in a vehicle. Further inquiries are being made, including looking at whether there is CCTV footage."

The duty manager at the shop this afternoon said that it was operating as normal but he wouldn't discuss the robbery, saying that it occurred before his shift.

Nor would McDonald's head office spokesman Simon Kenny give details about the raid.

" ... given it's an ongoing police investigation we're not confirming any details other than there was an incident overnight and we're assisting police with their investigation," Kenny said.