Police stopped an Auckland driver on Christmas night who was almost six times over the drink-drive limit.

The driver was charged with excess breath alcohol and had their licence suspended.

"We are disappointed with some of the driving we have seen over the last couple of days,"
Sergeant Mark Fleming, of Counties Manukau Police, said.

"Not only are people doing unsafe passing manoeuvres and driving at excessive speeds, we've also seen some people driving under the influence.


"People are unnecessarily putting themselves, their passengers and other road users at risk in what is already a high risk time on our roads."

Police urged motorists travelling from Auckland to exercise caution and allow extra time to reach their destination.

"With a large number of drivers expected on the roads, drivers are urged to watch their speed and following distances, allow extra time to reach their destination and enjoy the journey, rather than risk the safety of others by getting impatient and stressed."

As in previous summers, speed cameras are positioned in high risk crash areas and are set to enforce a reduced speed threshold of 4km/h from December 1 until January 31.

"We are out there working hard alongside our road safety partners to keep people safe this summer, however, we need the public to do their bit as we can't be in the vehicle with them," Fleming said.

"It comes down to making good decisions, like choosing to drive to the speed limit and the conditions, ensuring everyone is buckled up and not driving while impaired.

"We don't want to have to break this news to anyone else that their loved ones aren't coming home."

Staying safe on the road

• Watch your speed
• Allow extra time for your journey so you are not having to rush
• Maintain following distances
• Only overtake if it is safe to do so
• Make alternative arrangements when you have been drinking
• Make the journey part of your holiday - plan breaks and take your time
• Make sure you and everyone in your car wears a seat belt or has the appropriate restraint
• Above all, drive considerately and with patience - the way we drive affects others.


Source: NZ Police