We all know the pain of that person who's impossible to buy for - but what about the furry companion in your life?

Well, not to worry, because Pet Insurance Australia has released its list of the best pet Christmas presents money can buy.

NERF Dog Tennis Ball Blaster

Throwing the ball to the dog with your own hand is for schmucks. Get serious about fetch by shooting a tennis ball over 15m in the air. Then avoid touching the ball upon its slobbery return, by using the barrel's hands-free option.


KONG Cat Wubba

Who knows what the name is getting at, but the toy should still drive your kitty wild. It's infused with the smell of catnip, the body of it rattles, and the tail makes a crackle sound that's designed to reward contact and encourage continued play.

Tail Runner Leash - Hands Free Leash

Keep your hands free but your dog under control with this one. Latch Fido to your belt with a bungee cord that's designed to reduce force if your dog pulls. Then your hands are free for pushing a pram, fending off branches, or just karate-chopping the air as you run as fast as Tom Cruise.

Outward Hound Fun Feeder

If your dog is giving competitive speed eaters a run for their money, try this out. The designers of the Slo-Bowl reckon it promotes natural eating habits by requiring dogs to forage for their kibble. By slowing down dinner time, your pet should also run less risk of bloating, vomiting, and obesity.

KONG Kickeroo

Not only is this toy getting into the festive spirit, it's also designed to send your cat into a wrestling frenzy. Its size, shape and material have all been specially chosen to appeal to kitty's murderous instincts, and promote hind paw kicking. The fluffy tail is said to provide movement for extra excitement.

Cat Climber

Got a smaller house but still want to give your cat room to roam? Then the Cat Climber from SmartCat is right up your alley, as it will hang from any standard-sized door. It can be moved from door to door to provide a change of scenery, and the post is ideal for scratching. Maybe now kitty will stop wrecking the couch?

Antlers for Dogs

If your four-legged friend has a tendency to chew, give them something that won't get them in trouble. Antlers are odourless to humans, but not to dogs, who find them irresistible. They're also cruelty free, thanks to being naturally shed antlers from a deer farm.

The toys can be found at local pet stores, or online at amaroopet.com.au, tailrunner,com.au, petstock.com.au, antlersfordogs.com.au, petnest.com.au.