The pursuit of a Greymouth man through the Karoro Lawn Cemetery while brandishing a pool cue was recounted in the Greymouth District Court yesterday.

Craig Reyland and Diane Marie Lundy appeared jointly as a result of an incident in September which escalated from a heated visit to Lundy's former partner, in Karoro.

Lundy pleaded guilty to assault by contact after police withdrew a burglary charge and amended the assault charge from intent to injure.

Her accomplice, Reyland, pleaded guilty to assault with a blunt instrument after other charges of burglary and injuring with intent were withdrawn.

On September 16 the pair entered a Warburton Street address where Lundy's former partner was living, and demanded he accompany them.

Other people were there at the time and police said things got heated, Lundy slapping her ex in the chest area.

The victim got up in response and took a pool cue which, in the heat of the moment, was broken in half.

Lundy grabbed the pool cue and the victim decided to leave at which point Reyland gave chase, brandishing the pool cue.

At one point they ran through the cemetery, while at the same time Lundy was yelling out to anyone who could hear that the victim was a thief.

Reyland later told police he did not want to get Lundy in trouble while she said she simply wanted to get her property back from her former partner.

The pair were both remanded on bail to reappear for sentencing in the Greymouth court on January 12.