Temperatures in Napier have now reached 34C in the shade and may even hit 36C unofficially.

Some suburbs in Napier and Gisborne are now climbing over 33 degrees, Weatherwatch said.

Officially Napier airport is at 32 degrees while suburbs are climbing into the mid 30s.

It's a similar story in Canterbury too with some areas breaking into the low 30s this hour.


The hottest part of the day is yet to come - peaking mid afternoon.

The high temperatures come after the East Coast cities reached 30C before it was even midday.

The East Coast cities are getting the warmest temperatures because of the winds coming over the ranges, MetService meteorologist Claire Flynn said.

After sunny hot and settled weather in many regions this week spring is reminding us on Friday and this weekend that it isn't finished with New Zealand just yet.

But people should make the most of today's warm weather and hit the beach, because temperatures will cool tomorrow, when a sea breeze brings colder air.

She said the average maximum temperature for November in Gisborne was 27C, but it was not uncommon to see a few degrees either side.

The cooling sea breezes could be expected in the South island tomorrow as well.