Four sheep dead, at least 14 more badly mauled and at least one of the dogs responsible dead.

It was a weekend of death near Dargaville as landowners again saw their sheep killed or mauled by marauding dogs, but at least one of those responsible was caught this time.

Overnight on Friday two dogs went onto two properties at Colville Rd and attacked flocks of sheep belonging to Lynley Thompson in one paddock and neighbour Nick Thompson in another.

Mrs Thompson said two dogs were found to have killed two of her sheep and two of Mr Thompson's, with at least 14 of her sheep also badly mauled along with several of her neighbour's.


The continual attacks on her sheep has forced Mrs Thompson to stop raising sheep and instead switch to cattle, although even those may not be immune to attack.

The latest attacks follow the deaths and maulings of several more sheep on at least three Colville Rd properties at the start of October and she said the attacks were worrying for the neighbourhood landowners.

"It's not nice to find your animals ripped apart like that. It's irresponsible dog owners who are not making sure their dogs are tied up at night. It's hard to sleep at night waiting for the dogs to return and you've got to protect your flock ... it's frustrating and we need those irresponsible dog owners to step up," Mrs Thompson said.

"If your dog comes home covered in blood you need to step up and hand it in before it attacks more sheep - or worse, a child."

She said the dogs returned to attack sheep again on Saturday afternoon and early on Sunday morning when some of the neighbours managed to track one of the dogs down and shoot it dead.

"All the neighbours that have been affected have a cellphone link so we can let each other know as soon as they come back. We got one of them, but there's still at least one more on the loose. The neighbourhood is pretty upset," Mrs Thompson said.

"Our sheep were ready to go to the market, but now we'll have to keep them back a few weeks to let the bruising heal from the mauling. It's going to cost us all money, but it's the distress of seeing your sheep killed and mauled like that that's so bloody disgusting."

At least 14 of Lynley Thompson's sheep were mauled by dogs at the weekend.
At least 14 of Lynley Thompson's sheep were mauled by dogs at the weekend.

She said each sheep was worth between $120 and $140 so it was hitting her and others in the pocket. There was also the amount of time she had had to take off work to deal with the issue.


The Kaipara District Council general manager planning and regulatory Fran Mikulicic said the dog that was killed had been identified from previous attacks in Colville Rd, but another dog was still outstanding and she appealed for any sightings to be reported to the council.

Ms Mikulicic said patrols by dog wardens would be stepped up in the area until the other dog, or dogs, were found.

She urged dog owners to ensure their animals were tied up, particularly at night. If anyone saw roaming dogs creating problems they should call 0800 105 890.

Owners of dogs involved in a serious attack on stock can be prosecuted and dogs may be impounded and/or put down if they attack people or animals.

If a dog attacks any person, stock, poultry, domestic animal or protected wildlife the owner can be prosecuted and fined up to $3000 if convicted. Owners are also liable for damage.