Grannies of all ages poured tea as part of a peaceful protest at Auckland's Queens Wharf today.

A picnic with the theme Grannies for Peace . . . Make Tea . . . Not War kicked off at The Cloud at 1pm, with actual grandmothers, pretend ones, "tranny grannies", granny's little helpers and bearded grannies all welcome.

The protest was timed to coincide with the Navy's 75th anniversary celebrations.

The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom said grandmothers know the harsh realities of war and fought hard for a nuclear free New Zealand. Grandmothers stayed behind during the war, and picked up the pieces afterwards.


Protesters wanted to send a message to the Government that they don't want foreign warships visiting our peaceful waters.

"Grannies and friends [were] dressed up in pink and flowery granny-type finery to send a colourful, peaceful message to the Government that we don't want foreign warships visiting our peaceful waters, or arms fairs in our lovely city of peace," organisers said.

"New Zealand is proud of its absolutely peaceful stance that has inspired the whole world, and because of this we have no enemies. Let's keep it like that."

There was a prize for the best dressed granny - a month's supply of Metamucil.