One of the car park buildings at Lower Hutt's Queensgate shopping centre has been found to have suffered structural damage in Monday's 7.8 magnitude quake.

Beca engineers sent in to check the shopping centre found no evidence of structural damage in the retail areas of the building and retailers have been allowed back in to begin cleaning their premises.

It's anticipated that many shops will be open for business by the end of next week.

However, based on the observed damage to one of the car park buildings, structural engineers have reviewed their assessment of the affected structure.


They have advised the car park is not in danger of collapse but warned if a significant aftershock occur along the lines of the recent announcement from GNS then the affected structure may be damaged further.

Structural strengthening has been recommended for this section of the car park and the work has already been ordered with urgency, property boss Peter Alexander said in a statement.

Until this work is completed a portion of shopping centre will continue to be off-limits as a precaution.

Alexander said although this was an inconvenience to the retailers and customers safety was the first priority.

"We are acting immediately to minimise this disruption and will have the work completed and the centre fully operational as soon as possible. It is too soon to give a definitive timing at this point."

Overall, the company was pleased with the resilience of the Centre in light of what had been a very significant earthquake event, Alexander said.

"We want to thank our retailers and customers for their patience as we take the time required to assess the damage, strengthen where required and confirm that the centre is suitable for occupation.