Former policeman Colin Mower is still ensuring Taihape people are safe.

He has set up a dial-a-driver service for the town.

It's been on the road two weeks and is going great guns.

There is no taxi in the town, but there is a hotel and the Taihape Club while many of his passengers call him from private parties and dinners as well.


Mr Mower, originally from Essex, was a police officer for 10 years with the Metropolitan Police in London. He also worked for the diplomatic service. When he came to New Zealand he worked in the Central Districts Police, mostly in Taihape.

He also worked in Whanganui. After six years he decided to make the move to Taihape. He has bought a house, which he is busy renovating.

Mr Mower works Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 6pm until late.

Even he admits his charges are pretty reasonable - $5 a person within 2km of the town boundary (in any direction), $10 a person from 2km up to 5km and more than 5km is negotiable, he said.

With groups of four, the fourth passenger is free, he said.
"I guarantee a safe return from the venues in town and to pick up from home and return, the price is negotiable."

"It's less than the price of a drink and it's worry-free. There's no worry or risk of loss of licence so it makes sense all round."

As Mr Mower said; "You drink, I drive."

He's very proud of his car which he describes a "beautiful limo", a Toyota Aurion.

"In some cases it's described as the prestige model of the Camry," he said.

"My passengers enjoy the all-leather upholstery - it has the feel of luxury and drives very smoothly."

Mr Mower is very happy with his new service and said "there's always money in ideas".