Red Cross is providing psychological support to communities affected by this week's earthquake, as people prepare to spend another night in welfare centres.

About 50 New Zealand Red Cross personnel are on the ground in Marlborough and Kaikoura, the two worst hit areas. Red Cross teams will also provide support for people stranded by the current road flooding in Wellington.

Red Cross is running welfare centres in Ward and Kaikoura to support people affected by the earthquakes. Another centre is operating in Woodend, Christchurch, for people who have been evacuated. More than 120 people stayed in welfare centres last night.

In Kaikoura, Defence Force helicopters have been used to bring in emergency generators, satellite communications, an inflatable Air Shelter welfare tent and lighting kit, as well as water bladders and tap stands. Water is running out in the town and once the local council has sourced safe drinking water, it will store and distribute the water.


The welfare centre in Kaikoura will continue to operate overnight for evacuated people.

In Marlborough, teams have spent the day going door-to-door, providing psychological support to help people deal with the emotional impacts of the quakes.

Blenheim disaster welfare and support team member Tony Fenemor said he'd seen a lot of traumatised people.

"People were saying the night of the quake they were wondering when it was going to end. They want to know when the power's coming back on, it'll be a wee while yet," he said.

"We're seeing houses without power and water and trying to help those people. But the main thing is we are making contact with people and letting them know they're not on their own."

People wanting to help those affected by the earthquake can donate to Red Cross' November Earthquake 2016 appeal at 100 per cent of donations will go towards the response and recovery efforts in communities affected by the quakes.

More than $50,000 has already been donated to support those affected.