The two toddlers most seriously hurt when a tree toppled at an Auckland daycare last Tuesday are expected to be discharged on Monday.

The children were still under observation at Starship Hospital and one had been operated on for a head cut, but both had been cleared of any brain injury, spokesman Hamish Anderson said.

Anderson worked for Acumen Republic, a communications company hired by Discoveries Educare following the incident on Gillies Ave in Epsom on Tuesday afternoon.

Parents of four children were told their children had been hurt when the tree toppled into a playground crowded with 25 of the 47 or 48 children enrolled at the daycare.


The tree struck a playhouse and kids' toys lay scattered around the area after the uninjured children were ushered inside, checked and given afternoon tea to calm any fears.

A manager at the daycare, which employs about 10 staff, travelled to hospital with the injured children, while ambulance crews inside checked all children who were outside when the tree fell.

One child was critically injured and another was seriously hurt.

A third child had moderate injuries.

The three were taken by ambulance to Starship and a fourth child with minor injuries was taken to hospital by their parents.

In a statement released through Acumen, Discoveries Educare said it apologised to every family with a child in their care.

"Discoveries Educare apologises to all our families, and are extremely grateful for the support and understanding they have shown us during this difficult time.

"We have been actively supporting the affected children and their families. Our staff have been supporting these families through his difficult time, and we are thankful it appears there will be no lasting effects for these children."

The daycare was "cooperating fully" with the Ministry of Education and Worksafe regarding the incident and approval was given for the Centre to reopen on Friday.

"We take our responsibility caring for our children extremely seriously. We pride ourselves on our safety record, and all our centres comply with appropriate health and safety regulations."

Discoveries Educare owner Ajit Singh said he was shocked by the incident, and hadn't been aware of any previous concerns about the tree.

"I think this weather for the last two days has been so windy," he said on Tuesday.