Two pregnant sisters will appear in court after being caught drink-driving - one after driving to collect her sister from the booze bus, police say.

Fairfax reported a heavily intoxicated teen was stopped by a police booze bus in Hamilton and found to have a breath alcohol level of 303mcg. The limit for drivers under 20 is zero.

A child and the teen's drunken father were also in the car, and police were stunned when the teen's 23-year-old sister, also pregnant, arrived to pick the family members up.

The older sister blew 594mcg - twice the legal limit of 250mcg, Senior Sergeant Gill Meadows told Fairfax.


The pair put not only themselves and other motorists at risk, but also their unborn babies, police said. Police had referred both cases to Child Youth and Family.

Meadows called for drivers to use commonsense.

"When someone is ringing to have you come and pick them up because they are over the limit the first question is 'have you been drinking?' and if they have they shouldn't be getting behind the wheel.

"That's the sort of thing we strike quite regularly - we process one person and they call a family member to pick them up, then they are breath tested."