If you thought the United States had it worse than us right now, you'd be wrong.

The country may be in uproar over Donald Trump's election as president, but New Zealand is still in the midst of a housing crisis - and New York Times columnist Gail Collins reckons it's so bad that fleeing to the antipodes isn't the answer.

"Forget about moving abroad," she wrote.

"Of course it sounds tempting, but you'd be surprised how many countries are unenthusiastic about acquiring new former-American citizens.


"The Canadians will just keep telling you about their terrific, sensible, well-adjusted young prime minister.

"Plus there's that terrible housing bubble in New Zealand."

Collins isn't all doom and gloom, however. Her column was mostly devoted to a 10-step programme for adjusting to the new president.

Her number one tip?

Heavy drinking.