The man dubbed the "Grey Lynn peeping Tom" can now be named for the first time after pleading guilty to making recordings on his phone.

Moana Tekawa, 47, today at the Auckland District Court admitted 14 charges relating to making intimate visual recordings forensically linked to his phone and computer. He pleaded guilty through his lawyer, Martin Hislop.

According to court documents, Tekawa targeted homes on several Grey Lynn streets, often visiting the same house more than once.

The intimate visual recordings started in February until May when he was arrested after he was caught allegedly peeping through a window on Sussex St.


After the aid of a hero cat and an hour-long search, police found the defendant.

Carly Marr was outside having a cigarette after a marathon evening watching Game of Thrones when she saw her cat, Skinny, come scampering down the driveway.

She followed her cat's fearful gaze down the driveway towards Sackville St, when she spotted the man.

Police said at the time of Tekawa's arrest detectives carried out a search warrant at a Kingsland address and seized numerous electronic items which were being forensically examined.

The Herald previously reported that on February 25 a Grey Lynn woman saw a forearm holding a cell phone hanging through her open window.

She ran over and hit the man's arm to make him go away.

The cellphone dropped to the floor and was later handed to police, who found images of several people on the phone.

Tekawa was remanded in custody until sentencing next year.