A Kiwi cameraman has captured dramatic footage of a suicide bombing near Mosul, Iraq.

Scott Munro was part of a US 60 Minutes crew on an assignment in the city's eastern outskirts, when an Isis (Islamic State) suicide car-bomber raced towards the group only minutes after they arrived in the area last week.

The crew took cover in a nearby building as Iraqi special forces shot at the bomber.

Munro stationed himself at a window and pointed his camera at the road.


Another suicide bomber also tried to break the special forces' lines.

Journalist Lara Logan, who was part of the crew, said she heard at least three explosions.

The force of the blast blew out all the windows of the building and sent Munro flying across the room.

The bomber died in the explosion.

All that was left of the car was twisted pieces of metal, a charred crater marked the ground where it had exploded.

One of the bomber's shoes lay nearby.

Six special forces troops suffered minor injuries.

The leader of the Iraqi special forces unit said the bomber used a civilian car in the attack.


Munro, who previously worked at TVNZ, is based in the UK, but has worked on US current affairs programmes.