A Hawke's Bay teenager is battling an inoperable brain cancer that was only discovered when the "typical teen" had a fall two months ago.

Maree Bailey's life has suddenly become a fight for survival after doctors found a deadly cancerous growth on her brain stem.

Family friend Karla Wade has written on a Givealittle page about the devastating diagnosis and the challenges her family face as the much-loved Taradale High School student undergoes treatment.

So far $1771 has been raised for the family, who are now focused on getting their daughter the best treatment possible for a disease that is regarded as difficult to treat and highly aggressive.


"Maree is your typical teen striving to do the best she can to overcome her diagnosis of a brain cancer called pontine glioma," Karla wrote.

"This isn't going to be an easy journey for Cheryl [Maree's mother], Maree or their whanau but with huge hopes I really hope everyone can help them out in anyway possible big or small every little bit helps."

Wade said the first sign there was a problem was in early September when Maree had a fall.

Doctors discovered the cancerous tumour growing at the base of her brain. It had started to affect her motor skills.

"The tumour is called a pontine glioma [and] is on the stem of her brain which affects some, if not all, of her natural motor skills, affecting her speech, her balance and many other aspects of her life," she wrote.

Beating the cancer was going to be a major hurdle for the teen and her family to overcome, Karla added.

To help ease the stress on the family she had set up the Givealittle page to raise money for travel costs, accommodation and food.

To give, go to https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/help4mareecause