A man caught with an arsenal of military-style guns during a raid on a heavily fortified south Auckland meth lab has been handed a jail sentence of more than 12 years.

Shane Hannon, 38, was arrested after police found a stockpile of weapons, including assault rifles, a hidden P lab and large amounts of cash during a series of searches in Takinini in March.

In September he pleaded guilty to seven charges, including manufacturing meth, possession for supply and unlawfully having restricted weapons.

Sentencing Hannon to 12 years and four months in jail on Tuesday, Justice Kit Toogood told the court Hannon once had prospects for a career as a jockey, but had turned to drugs after being attacked with a golf club in 2003.


He told the High Court at Auckland police had found Hannon with a large zip-lock bag of meth and $176,000 at a south Auckland apartment following a surveillance operation.

Officers uncovered a "sophisticated and commercial" meth operation in a subsequent search of a nearby factory unit, which featured fortified entrances, a camera security system and a carefully concealed laboratory.

The 14 weapons found included three AK47s, six AR15 rifles, a M4 style gun, a cut-down Ruger, and a tactical shotgun among others, and a search of a deposit box had turned up another $300,000 in cash.

Hannon must serve a minimum term of six years and two months before he is eligible for parole.