The leader of the Tribal Huk gang who claims to have cleared Ngaruawahia of 14 meth houses says "two little old ladies" blew his eye out with a tommy gun.

Gang leader Jamie Pink told RadioLive this afternoon two old woman shot at him as he sped away from them on Te Rapa Rd while travelling towards Ngaruawahia.

Pink had earlier told Fairfax he had lost his eye and received other injuries as a backlash to making P dealers leave the town more than a week ago.

On RadioLive today, he said the bullets were shot at his SUV and went through his window.


"They were just a couple of ladies who wanted a bit of road rage," he said.

"It's called granny road rage. It happens - well at least it does at the back of Ngaruawahia," he told RadioLive.

He later changed his story and said one of the old ladies got in front of vehicle with a tommy gun.

"Gees, I was doing some dodging and yeah, well, I lost an eye. But it's OK, you know what I was more worried about...

"I'll tell you without a word of a lie Duncan [Garner, radio host], the first thing I went for was my ****, where's my ****. Oh, that's the main thing - I didn't mind losing an eye or a head of whatever as long as my... It must be a man thing as long as my jewels are still there."

Although he had sworn to rid the town of the dealers, Pink admitted it was impossible to say whether they had all gone.

"I think that's impossible to say. I could say to you now they are all gone then some little **** jumps out a car right in the middle of town and sells a bag and then I'm a liar.

"So it's never ever really out of there, but I tell you what, they will be crawling around under the road or a rock ...

When asked how he had done it, he said: "I asked them nicely to "f*** off".

"It's easy to smash it out, but it has to be maintained."

Pink said more than 200 Huksters - along with doctors and 50 property owners - had signed a constitution saying they would keep P out of the town.

"It's 'we' not 'me'. All the bros did it but I just led the way."