Lotto tickets are selling like hotcakes with a massive $25 million up for grabs in tonight's draw.

Retailers have reported a bumper few days of sales after last week's $22 million Lotto Powerball failed to find a winner, leading to tonight's massive prize pool.

"Only 6 players have ever won a prize of $25 million or more, so tonight's draw is really exciting," said Lotto spokeswoman Emilia Mazur.

"Sales are going really well and there is a lot of buzz in-store as people are picking up a ticket and imagining what they would do with a $25 million payday."


Victoria Park New World Lotto manager Ron Tooke said they had sold tickets to up to 900 people, about 25 per cent more than last week.

"This sort of money really brings out the customers so it's been very, very busy. People are pretty excited, obviously, so it would just be great if we sold the winning one here."

Auckland woman Annmarie O'Regan fancied her chances.

"I handed over my $20 and asked for the winning ticket, so let's hope that works out," she said. "When I win, it'll go to family and then a first-class trip to Europe."

Jo Kendrick, of Herne Bay, only buys tickets when the big bucks are up for grab.

"My daughters tell me off for buying them because they reckon I'm better off buying them a cup of coffee. But someone's got to win," she said.

"What am I going to do with the dosh? My three daughters will have their hands out and we'd help family out of course, but otherwise I'm going to party. We don't need the full $25 million - a couple of million will do just fine."