A man killed in a stabbing in West Auckland was seen rushing towards the top of a driveway minutes before he lay there, fatally injured.

Neighbours of the 42-year-old have described harrowing scenes and revealed what the victim had been doing in the lead-up to the attack on Saturday night, just before 9pm, on Hepburn Rd in Glendene.

A resident on the street told the Herald his family had just arrived home when they saw a young man and woman walking towards the top of the driveway, back towards the street.

He guessed they were aged in their late teens or early 20s.


The man said as their car passed them, he heard the young man say something to the woman along the lines of: "He's trying to take my girlfriend.''

Minutes later, they saw their neighbour - the victim - walking towards the top of the driveway, where the man and woman had walked towards.

Not long after, they heard screams and someone calling for help.

"We were helping - trying to help - [the victim], but there was too much blood. It was no use.''

Other neighbours also rushed towards the victim, attempting to help him, while others phoned for an ambulance and police.

"We left it to police and the ambulance to carry out their jobs. It was bad. There was a lot of blood,'' he said.

Other neighbours described the victim as a "really nice guy'' who lived with his partner and children on the street in which he died.

The man became the second stabbing victim within hours; after she was knifed about 5km away at a house in Te Atatu.

He was initially in a critical condition and was treated at the scene before being taken to Auckland City Hospital.

However, he later died.

At the scene yesterday, police in white boiler suits carried out forensic tests.

Blood stains could be seen on the footpath and a small black-handled kitchen knife was visible behind the police cordon, strewn on the grass berm near a cluster of letterboxes at the top of a long driveway.

Neighbours described hearing arguing on the street before cries for help and sirens arriving.

Natasha Khan said her family heard a lot of arguing on the street at about 9pm.

"There was so much yelling and a lot of arguments, just all down the street. There was swearing, and someone saying: 'Get out'."

At about 9.30pm they heard someone yelling: "Help!"

Natasha's grandfather, Mansoor Ali-Khan, was friends with the victim.

He said the man was a "really good guy" and a friendly neighbour. He had a partner and children that also lived at the house, said Ali-Khan.

"I can't believe it. It's really sad. He's a very good man."

Ali-Kahn heard a woman "screaming for help" on the driveway soon after the fighting.

"My wife went out and she saw two ladies running on the road."

Ali-Khan did not know why the man would have been involved in the arguments on the street.

As of last night, police did not have any suspects and were appealing to those involved to come forward.