The Ministry of Education is due to release a report into a cell-like seclusion room used by a Wellington primary school as punishment.

Details of exactly how many children were placed into a small darkened time-out room at Miramar Central School will be made public in a report to be released tomorrow.

Revelations about the use of such a room came to light after the Weekend Herald broke the story on Saturday; revealing how an 11-year-old autistic boy was left alone and distraught inside for several times for misbehaviour.

The boy, however, has the mental age of a toddler and his mother told the Herald putting her son in a confined space was cruel and dangerous.


Education Minister told Radio NZ tonight she did not agree with the room being used by a school.

"I think it is absolutely intolerable that a wee boy like this has had that treatment in response to his behaviour,'' she told the station.

"I think that a seclusion room of this nature is unacceptable.''

Education officials have been investigating the school - which has since stopped using it.