An online Lotto ticket buyer from Whangarei is $1 million richer after Wednesday night's draw.

Advocate Facebook readers were quick to speculate on who the winners were, and several replied to our question asking what they would do with the money.

Pouaka Wehiwehi Cassidy said he'd go back to sleep because he probably only dreamed he'd won anyway.

Moni Partridge would help as many people as she could into their own homes and buy one for herself. She lamented the current rental and house price situation.

A million dollars would buy a very nice house, or several houses in some parts of Northland, even a small farm, and pay a few children's university or other tertiary fees.


But, with Lotto being all about dreaming and wishful thinking, the Advocate shopped around to find out what $1m would buy in Whangarei.

It only took half an hour on the phone to splurge the lot.

The biggest ticket item was a family friendly house with privacy and wide sea views.

Bayleys Real Estate residential sales manager Tony Bender '"sold" us a 5-bedroom house on the Tutukaka coast, with a sleep-out for extra guests or income; asking price $890,000.

It left enough change to buy a nice boat, Mr Bender pointed out.

Warren Hay Marine salesman Alan Smith, agreed - it could buy a well set up 601 McLay Crossover fishing, family, pleasure boat for about $75,000.

Feeling flush with spending power, the Advocate visited Mark Cromie Holden to drive off in the priciest car in the yard, the SS V Redline Commodore, for $76,000.

Salesman Richard Johnston assured us that along with the rumbly 6.2 V8 engine and big exhaust, the SS V had all the bells and whistles.

Feeling something feminine was also called for, the Advocate got frocked up at Red Ruby, in a soft shell coloured, beaded, pure silk gown.

Shop owner Anne Clothier said at $829, it was not an item she would normally have on the rack, but was perfect for a ball, as a wedding dress, or similarly fabulous occasion.

Owner/director of JD Design, Gail Bowering said she often hears in her jewellery shop: "When I win Lotto I'm coming back to get that!"

'That' could be an investment stone or a jewellery item - unique, handmade, with a lifetime guarantee, for anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000.

Because, while dresses, cars, boats and even houses have finite life spans, diamonds are forever.