Move aside All Blacks, Mount Maunganui's India O'Connell's face will soon be appearing on the Weet-Bix cereal packet on breakfast tables around the country.

Living out every Kiwi kids' dream, the 9-year-old triathlon competitor scored big time when she was selected to appear on the popular cereal's box.

India's mum, Katie Horrocks, almost deleted her daughter's opportunity when she got an email from Weet-Bix.

"You know when you join up to something and they get your email address and send you spam mail. I usually delete those. But in the subject line it said something about being on the box and I thought I better check this out," Ms Horrocks said.


Her three daughters were keen Weet-Bix eaters and Ms Horrocks said when the Tryathlon kids were on the box last year the girls read it all and said to her: "Imagine being that kid".

After competing in the Tauranga Weet-Bix Tryathlon in January and entering the competition to be on the cereal box, India was chosen.

She was asked her top training tips:

"Practise lots and give it your best shot." How did she like her Weet-Bix served? "With berries, sugar and milk." A time when overcame a challenge in sport? "When I was the smallest at judo."

"I was excited and happy when I found out," India said.

She was given a $500 gift voucher for Westfield, which she spent on her family, and did a photo shoot in Auckland.

"They sprayed water on our faces and put us on a bike and we had to do a running pose," she said.

After an hour of photos, her cheeks hurt from all the smiling.

India was no stranger to demanding sports, as she dabbled in swimming, hockey, judo, flipper ball, tumbling and snowboarding.

She trained for the Tryathlon for a month with her school mates before competing.

She said her friends and sisters were excited for her and they thought it was pretty cool, but were maybe a bit jealous, too.

Inspired by becoming the face on Weet-Bix boxes, India said she was going to train harder for the upcoming Tryathlon in December.

Date: Sunday, December 18
Location: Arataki Park, Mount Maunganui
7yrs to 15yrs
Swim 50m, Cycle 4km, Run 1.5km
DISTANCES FOR AGES 8-10 (Estimate)
Swim 100m, Cycle 4km, Run 1.5km
DISTANCES FOR AGES 11-15 (Estimate)
Swim 200m, Cycle 8km, Run 1.5km