A car carrier laden with vehicles careened into a building, narrowly avoiding oncoming traffic, after it drove over a large boulder which then got stuck under it.

A police spokeswoman said the car carrier was on Napier's Main North Rd just past Bayview at 6am when it ran over a large limestone boulder which had come down on to the road in a recent rockfall.

The boulder became wedged under the truck with the driver losing control of all steering, she said.

The large vehicle, carrying cars, skidded across the road narrowly missing an oncoming car, and slid a further 60m across grass before smashing into a building.


The spokeswoman said when officers arrived at the scene they found the truck driver was counting his lucky stars he was still alive.

He had not only averted tragedy on the road but had managed to avoid being struck by the debris which came through his window.

The driver received only minor injuries.