A top cop could lose his licence if he fails to overturn a driving infringement notice regarding an incident that occurred while he was driving his police car.

Rotorua area commander Inspector Bruce Horne has filed papers to fight the charges from police in court, Fairfax reported.

Horne told Fairfax the incident was not related to speeding. "It's an issue between me and some other people and is not public information."

Police were unable to release details of the incident, which happened in June.


A police spokeswoman said Horne still had his driver's licence.

"As with any police staff member he is subject to the same processes as any member of the public who receives an infringement notice."

Police Association president Greg O'Connor said that police officers had "no immunity".

"The're treated the same as any member of the public."

O'Connor said any police officer who breaks the law while driving needs to justify their actions.

In April 2013 Horne was assaulted in a Wellington supermarket carpark while staff and security watched on.

He said people watched the fight "as if it was entertainment".