Anglers could become $10,000 richer if they catch a special green-tagged fish released in the Rotorua lakes for the opening of the fishing season.

Fish and Game put 30 green-tagged fish in the Tarawera, Rotoiti and Okatania lakes for the opening of the season today.

The tag numbers correspond to cash prizes in sealed and numbered envelopes. One of them contains the grand prize of $10,000.

The Fish for Gold promotion runs until October 9.


Anglers were undeterred by overcast weather conditions, with scores of boats out on the lakes by mid-morning.

Rotorua man Mark Preece was one of the first anglers to hook a green-tagged fish at Lake Tarawera.

"It wasn't huge so we weren't overly excited - but excitement levels went up when we saw the green tag... I'm hoping it's the ten grand fish."

Many anglers spent the whole day on the lake.

As the day was near ending, the biggest fish caught appeared to have been a 3.6kg rainbow landed in Lake Rotoiti. Several other fish also topped the three kilo mark.