The Kiwi cat that thinks it is a sheep has gone global.

The eight-month-old moggy - called Steve - lives on a farm at Ngamatapouri, about 50km inland from Waitotara in South Taranaki.

The cat spends most time outside playing with his squad of lambs.

Owner Amanda Whitlock posted a picture of Steve hanging out with the lambs earlier this week, which has now gone viral around the world on social media.


Top British newspapers the Telegraph, the Mirror and the Daily Mail have now followed the story, which has also been picked up by People magazine in the US.

Steve's global popularity took off after a video featured on the Herald website earlier this week revealed the moggy's relationship with lambs also living on the South Taranaki farm.

The antics of sheep-living Steve were also featured in the Wanganui Chronicle.

"He's sort of almost like their leader," Amanda Whitelock said.

"He'll just be walking around the yard and they'll be following him. Or he'll be playing in the bushes and they'll be inquisitive, looking to see what he's doing and following him through the bushes."

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