Two pilots suffered headaches and had their vision temporarily obscured after a powerful green laser was pointed into the cockpit of the commercial plane they were flying into Wellington Airport tonight.

Police said they were investigating a report of the incident which occurred at 8.10pm.

The plane was flying from Hamilton with passengers on board. It was targeted at about 10,500 feet.

The plane landed safely.


The laser light was believed to have originated from the Trentham area, south of Upper Hutt, near the motorway.

Police warned anyone found to be pointing lasers into cockpits could expect to be held to account through the court system and face serious charges.

It was also an offence under the Summary Offences Act 1981 for anyone, in a public place, to be in possession of a high-power laser, without reasonable excuse.

Anyone who knew of a person with a laser, or witnessed one being operated this evening, is asked to call Police on 111.