The state of housing remains a big concern to Kiwis, however, most New Zealanders are generally happy with their quality of life, a survey has found.

The findings of this year's Quality of Life survey have revealed we're not an overly active bunch yet 82 per cent of respondents rate their health status as good or extremely good.

The 2016 Quality of Life survey is a local government research project, a partnership between Auckland Council, Hamilton, Wellington, Porirua, Hutt, Christchurch and Dunedin City Councils and the Waikato and Wellington Regional Councils.

The survey was first conducted in 2003, was repeated in 2004, and has been undertaken every two years since.


Overall, 81 per cent of the 7155 respondents rated their overall quality of life positively, while 27 per cent said it had increased over the past 12 months.

Those living in Dunedin are most satisfied with their lives, trumping all the other cities with an overall 88 per cent of people stating life was "extremely good". Those living in Wellington and Greater Wellington were next on 87 per cent followed by Porirua and Waikato.

Life could be better for those surveyed in Auckland and Christchurch with 79 per cent and 78 per cent respectively rating life "extremely good".

Health and wellbeing were the main reasons for people rating their quality of life so high, with relationships coming a close second in most areas apart from Wellington, who rated the aspects of their city more highly.

Satisfaction with housing quality and affordability rated low in all areas, with Dunedin rating the highest at 17 per cent, Aucklanders and those in the Hutt Valley at 15 per cent each. Hamilton respondents had the lowest satisfaction at just 12 per cent.

Dunedin residents take the title for being the most active, with 53 per cent of respondents saying they carried out some physical activity - from housework, gardening to sport - at least five days a week. Hutt Valley, Porirua and Wellington were the next most active at 50 per cent, however those in Auckland proved the least active, recording the lowest at 43 per cent.

Perhaps that exercise pays off for respondents living in Dunedin and Hutt Valley as they experienced the least stress. The dubious honour for being the most stressed instead went to Christchurch residents, on 19 per cent, followed by those in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Dunedin who all reported 17 per cent.

As for crime and safety, dangerous driving - 67 per cent - was the most concerning nationally. Christchurch residents feel the most passionate about it with 79 per cent rating it the biggest problem, followed by those in Hamilton at 77 per cent.

Car theft and damage were major issues for residents in Christchurch and Hamilton, while alcohol and drugs were of most concern to those in Dunedin. Vandalism was rated a big problem in Porirua.

Those living in Hamilton reported feeling the most unsafe, at 67 per cent, followed by those living in Hutt Valley and Porirua at 58 per cent each. Those living in Auckland and Dunedin reported the lowest concern at 47 per cent each.

As for people begging in the street, Wellington residents felt the most passionate, with 85 per cent deeming it a big problem or a bit of a problem, followed by those in Hamilton - 78 per cent - and 54 per cent of those in Porirua. Just 35 per cent of Dunedin residents felt that it was a problem.


• Dunedin residents are the most satisfied with their lives - 88 per cent
• Christchurch reported the lowest at 78 per cent
• Health and wellbeing was driver for the satisfaction result in all areas surveyed
• Poor finances the main reason for negative quality of life, except in Porirua, Christchurch and Dunedin
• Quality of life had improved the most for those living in Hamilton compared to life 12 months ago
• Respondents in Wellington recorded the highest in overall health, followed by those in Waikato

Read the full report here.