An AA driving instructor has been snapped parking in a mobility parking space apparently without a permit.

Paul, surname withheld, has formed a group called the Mobility Parking Association which aims to call out people who park in disabled spots without the proper credentials.

One of the members of his group has taken a photo of an AA driving school car parked in a mobility space on the corner of Rockfield and Great South Rds in Penrose, Auckland.

Paul said he was "sick of the abuse of mobility parking permits".


"We're pissed off. We're sick of it, absolutely sick of it."

He said members of his group had approached people using mobility spaces and found that some of them had permits that were expired by 15 years, or were using other people's permits.

"The obligation is on the landowner to monitor and police the carparks, and people should complain to the landowner and if they do nothing people should complain to the Human Rights Commission."

AA spokesman Liam Baldwin said they had received a complaint about one of their cars being parked in a mobility space.

"Ultimately they shouldn't be parking in any mobility space without a permit, and wholeheartedly agree that should be the case.

"In terms of action we'll be talking to the driving instructor concerned, and reminding them they shouldn't be parking in such places."