A young Rotorua girl suffering from a rare and potentially fatal skin condition has suffered a setback and is back in Rotorua Hospital.

Valencia Davies, a 9-year-old Owhata Primary School pupil, had been out of hospital since the start of the month after spending several weeks in Rotorua and Waikato hospitals suffering from Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, known as SJS.

The skin condition attacked her body, putting her life at risk and causing painful sores all over her body. She was unable to eat or breathe properly.

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Her mother, Ene Mikaere, told the Rotorua Daily Post today her daughter's ulcers and sores started to come back about two days ago and her eyes started to flare up again.

"We took her back into hospital last night because the ulcers in her mouth have returned. A few days prior we took her to the doctors because her eyes were inflamed."

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Mrs Mikaere said her daughter had not been back to school.

"It is really hurting her because she loves school, she misses her friends and her teacher. She hasn't really fully recovered, she has still been sick in some way, but the ulcers were a big sign we needed to get her back."

"She has never been the same ever since, tired all the time, not eating properly so she is losing weight and her self esteem is at an all-time low, to the point where she doesn't like going out."

Valencia's illness last month came on top of her father losing his job with the closure of Lumbercube and the family, including four other children, having to move out of their rental property because it was being sold.

They have been unable to find another rental, given the city's current shortage, and were forced to bunk down with family.

A fundraising drive for the family and Valencia's ongoing recovery kicked into gear and a fun day was held at the start of the month at Owhata Primary School, which raised more than $5000. A Givealittle page, which closes at the end of this month, has raised $3365.

Eleanor Mahaki, who has led the fundraising mission, said today they were in the process of organising a dinner with the family to hand over the money raised at the fun day.

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