A man who claims his car was stolen, crashed it himself while drink driving before fleeing the scene, police allege.

The 23-year-old man, who lives in the Lincoln area, has been charged with excess breath alcohol, careless driving, failing to accompany police and making a false complaint and will appear in district court tomorrow.

Sergeant Grant Stewart said the man's breath alcohol reading had been in excess of 1000mcg/L and police believed he had been travelling at more than the 100km/h speed limit when he crashed into a ditch on Tancreds Rd.

The man, who was uninjured, had then allegedly left the scene in spite of a local farmer chasing him through a paddock to try and stop him leaving. Another person who saw the farmer chasing the man had called police.


"We did some pretty quick inquiries at the scene and relocated him at a rural property further down Tancreds Rd where he was actually living," Sergeant Stewart said.

Under the questioning the man claimed he hadn't been driving the car when it was crashed into the ditch and that it had been stolen.

Sergeant Stewart said the man had a distinctive appearance and his description matched that provided by witnesses including that of someone who gave him a lift home after the crash.