Police are investigating a spate of break-ins in Mangere Bridge and Onehunga following reports from residents and business owners they were targeted by invaders over the weekend.

A police spokeswoman said no charges had been laid yet but police were investigating "a number of reports" from the last couple of days.

Lucky Cafe owner Lieng Kong said he was woken around 3am on Saturday when the alarm went off in his shop.

"As soon as I heard my phone ring at this time of the day I know something has happened," he told the Herald.


"Two people just broke the glass [door] and came in.

"I think they were looking for money but we don't keep money in the till."

Kong said it was the second time his cafe had been broken into this year.

His family had owned the business for about eight years and had about one break in a year, so this year was worse than usual, he said.

"I was very very sad to see that."

The shop next door had been broken into as well.

Kong cleaned up the shop and called police and Lucky Cafe was open as usual today.

CCTV footage from the cafe shows to people, one who appears to be a young woman wearing a hoodie, smash the glass door at the front of the cafe and come inside briefly before running away.

On social media, several people spoke of similar experiences in recent days with one Onehunga barber posting photos of a young woman wearing the same distinctive hoodie as in Lucky Cafe's CCTV footage.

"If anyone knows who these 2 people are can you please pm us [sic]," wrote an administrator for The Fade Joint's Facebook page.

"They were driving around Onehunga in a white Honda Odyssey smashing multiple shops in Onehunga including ours and managed to get into a few."

Another woman said the door to her shop had been broken down and comments on a community group alleged the Cheesecake Factory had also been broken into on Friday night.

A woman in Mangere Bridge said she had found a man "prowling" her property on Friday night.

"He came right around the back of our fully fenced section," she wrote on Facebook.

"Husband approached him and he said he was looking for food. Be safe everyone."

Police were asking anyone who has information in relation to these people or the incidents to contact Counties Manukau Police on (09) 261 1300 or report anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.