Police are seeking to identify an offender after at least 15 cars were broken in to at a Wellington carpark last night.

A number of items were stolen from the cars parked on Willis St, Newtown.

Police said that they are actively deploying resources to the Newtown area after a recent increase in thefts from vehicles.

After an arrest was made today, police now seek a second offender and have released a photograph of the suspect. He is distinctly identifiable by the bag he is wearing in the images.


"We are investigating all of the received reports from last night, but we do ask motorists to ensure they are taking simple precautions to prevent becoming a victim of opportunistic offenders," said Inspector Clint Walker, Wellington's acting Area Prevention Manager.

"It's a lot easier to remove items from your vehicle when you lock it than trying to replace any items that have been taken. Thefts of important personal property such as wallets that often contain ID documents and credit cards lead to additional stress and re-victimisation in the event that stolen IDs and cards are used by offenders to commit fraud."

If anyone does have any information on the events from last night, please contact the Wellington Central Police Station on 04 381 2000 and asking for Constable John Pitchford.

Alternatively, information can be provided anonymously via the organisation Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.