Six-year-old Sarah Patel is feeling a wee bit special today after the news she stood up to an alleged axe-wielding robber made its way around her North Shore primary school.

The tiny youngster made headlines when she stood up to a group of alleged robbers when they allegedly invaded her family's electronics shop on Monday afternoon.

CCTV footage shows Sarah pushing a man before leaving with her grandfather.

Friends had asked Sarah "why were you on the news" at school today, and she explained it was because she had been brave.


Asked how her classmates felt about her being so brave, Sarah said they were "happy" and their praise made her feel happy too, and a bit special.

Seeing her picture in the Herald this morning with her mum and dad, Nashrin and Suhail Patel, Sarah wanted to show her classmates.

So she cut the story out and took it to school very carefully, Nashrin said.

Sarah with her father Suhail Patel and mother Nashrin Patel. Photo / Sarah Harris
Sarah with her father Suhail Patel and mother Nashrin Patel. Photo / Sarah Harris

"She said 'no don't put it in the bag it might get folded, I'll keep it in my hands'."

Fearing the full story might upset some of her young classmates, Sarah's teacher decided to highlight the positive, Sarah's bravery, but didn't mention the armed robbery.

Sarah had been coping well, her mother said, apart from feeling very anxious and needing to take some medication.

The families of Sarah's classmates were quick to offer hugs and support after school today in light of the ordeal, and Nashrin said the family had been getting messages from all over hoping they were all right.

"Even a customer in Australia emailed us saying she had heard."

Shop worker Jordan Byrt, who also intervened on Monday, was back at work and doing okay, Nashrin said.

'We asked him do you want an ambulance or to go to emergency but he said it was all right."

The story has made headlines around the world, with publications from Australia to the UK running the footage showing Sarah grabbing an alleged axe-wielding robber's leg.