A Waikato motorist has been caught doing 182km/h tonight - and been charged with dangerous driving and had his license suspended for 28 days.

Police took to Facebook to share their disappointment and dismay at the offence which happened shortly after 6pm. The driver had four passengers in the vehicle.

"Nothing much to say really. Five occupants. 182km/hr. You share the road with people who think that's ok. It isn't. FYI," Police said in post alongside a photo of the dashboard speedometer which recorded the frightening speed.

Police confirmed the offender has been charged and had his licence taken off him for 28 days.


"The vehicle travelling at 182km/h was stopped shortly after 6pm this evening at Taupiri, on the Waikato Expressway, State Highway 1," a police spokeswoman said.

"A man was charged with dangerous driving and his license was suspended for 28 days."