A complaint about breaching a man's privacy on radio has been upheld by the Broadcasting Standards Authority.

The Breeze ran a competition where listeners were invited to nominate someone they felt deserved a shopping spree.

The radio hosts spoke to a woman on air about the friend she nominated. She explained why her friend was deserving of the prize by saying she had left a "potentially abusive relationship".

The authority upheld a complaint from the friend's husband as the broadcast breached his privacy. They found that he was recognisable by a combination of identifying features told over the broadcast and readily available information outside of the broadcast.


The report stated that it "considered the allegations of a potentially abusive relationship and other intimate details of the relationship were highly sensitive and personal, and clearly carried the quality of private information".

They found the disclosure of such information would be highly offensive to an objective reasonable person.

Broadcaster MediaWorks was ordered to pay $1000 in compensation to the complainant.