She failed for going too fast, then for going too slow, while others have simply fled city and country just to get their licence. readers say they are not surprised at the level of licence test fails happening around the country.

New Zealand Transport Agency's data reveals VTNZ in Lower Hutt had the lowest pass rate, at a meagre 37 per cent, followed by AA Westgate with 43 per cent and then VTNZ Hastings with just 44 per cent of drivers passing.

And the places handing out the most full licences are Blenheim and Gore where nine out of 10 people walk away qualified for the green card.


Meanwhile, NZ Transport Agency information shows failing to give way, stop or speeding will result in an immediate fail on your licence, while driving too slow or too fast are characterised as "serious" driving errors of which you can only commit two.

One Auckland person said they felt the tester was looking to "fail me on anything".

"They said not using mirrors enough and the [worst] one was - I was turning right at a give way lots of traffic coming from the right and left, I failed because I took too long to turn. "

Another reader said she failed because she was told she didn't look over her shoulder while doing a parallel park, even though she claims she did.

"I also looked in my rear view mirror and right mirror also."

One Northland parent decided to drive their son to another town after failing three times locally. Her son passed straight away, she said.

However, another had to move to Australia to pass after failing at an Auckland testing station four times.

"Something going on there," the 21-year-old's mother wrote.

One Wellington reader claims his son was abused by a tester and has given up on getting his licence altogether.

"This has meant being dependant on public transport. Sad really ... I have lived and driven in many places and don't believe the drivers of lower hutt are any better or worse than other places."

Another parent claims her daughter was failed for driving too slow and after trying again, was told she was going too fast - 50km/h.

"She failed her first licence due to driving under the speed limit and having someone tailgate her, then her next attempt she made sure she drove at the speed limit, and was told she can drive slower than the limit. Both clearly had there [sic] own rules."

Most common restricted licence mistakes
• Going over speed limit,
• Forgetting to signal,
• Failing to look for other traffic,
• Not giving way

Instant fail mistakes
[driving which results in immediate danger to any road user or property]
• Instructor intervention
• Fail to carry out instruction
• Crash
• Fail to give way
• Speeding
• Stopping in a dangerous position
• Failing to stop
• Any other dangerous action

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