Over 600 kids can resume their sports now their stolen school bus has been found dumped by a boat ramp.

Clendon Park School's bus was stolen between 8.30pm on August 26 and 7am the next morning. Police said it was found on Hazards Rd in Weymouth on August 28. Police have towed it to forensics to check for fingerprints, DNA and other evidence, said principal Sue Dawson.

"It's very good news.

"Wonderful news, absolutely wonderful. That bus is very special to our school. All our kids know it and they've all been part of many journeys."


Dawson said the nine-year-old bus cost $30,000. They have another bus but it isn't enough to transport the school's 650 pupils.

Being based in a poor area means that transport is "out of reach" for some families, said Dawson. The school bus is free for all.

"We're a decile one school and that means a lot to us."

Since the Herald story went live yesterday Dawson said they've had thousands of people offer condolences and help. A bus company even offered them the use of a bus for free.

Hellen Seuula, 12, used the bus to get to her volleyball, soccer and netball practises. She called the bus "a treasure" to the school.

"To me the bus is full of memories. Usually we go and sing some songs, everyone gets together and has fun on the bus.

"We just want to tell that person to please bring back the bus. We really need that bus."

Seuula is in her last year at Clendon Park School.

"I don't want to leave school without saying goodbye to the buses."