An animal rights organisation says the death of three jump-racing horses in three weeks is unacceptable.

SAFE's comments come after the latest incident where horse Twentythirtyfour was euthanised after fracturing its hind leg during a grueling 4200 metre steeplechase in Te Aroha in the Waikato on Saturday.

"The lives and welfare of the horses are what is really at stake in jumps racing: an industry where profit and prestige out-weigh the safety of the animals," said SAFE head of campaigns Mandy Carter.

"At least seven horses have now died this season in jumps races. How many more need to die before action is taken?"


This death toll includes that of Good Risk, who SAFE said died after suffering a cardio-vascular incident at Wanganui last weekend and Bunkered who was they said was killed, after a leg fracture, at a Canterbury race on August 13.

SAFE condemned jump racing due to the "horrific" injuries horses suffer after falling or crashing into jumps, which often lead to their deaths.

New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing general manager Matthew Hall said the body has fairly robust measures in place to ensure the safety of horses and riders, and the safety record has been good in the last three years.

"There has been concern this season, so we are doing a full review to see what can be done to mitigate the inherent risks."

Hall said this includes getting an expert panel to review all of the falls.

He said there were no plans to ban jump racing in NZ as SAFE has suggested.

SAFE is urging concerned New Zealanders to sign a pledge not to bet on jumps racing.