When Jo and Brian Guy's son Scott was murdered near Feilding six years ago it set into motion a series of tragic events and traumas which left two sets of grandchildren fatherless and had the parents wondering when it was going to stop.

Jo Guy came to Dannevirke Host Lion's guest speaker night on Wednesday July 13 to explain what she had learnt about resilience from those stressful years.

Brian and Jo resolved that whatever else they had to get through the family must remain intact. When the media applied constant pressure they learnt to be ready with a positive message. Jo's first message to them after the murder was "to go home and hug your kids".

Every day they resolved to find something good about it to celebrate.


"We became good-finders" she said. Her blog's title Make Lemonade grew out of this philosophy - turning a lemon into something useful.

The couple actively sought good people in their community who provided wisdom and other support.

The local and wider dairy farming communities were particularly supportive, farmers setting watches for 10am when the trial began each day, just to send prayers and encouragement.

Jo's blog is full of advice and observations about life. She has even written a children's book Snooty Stanley Plays a Prank to reach children promoting the golden rule - do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

The couple has donated 500 books to the Duffy Books in Homes programme.

With events still proceeding, Jo just hopes her blog and book will help.
"If someone breathes easier because of these then it was worthwhile," she said.