Six small earthquakes shook Christchurch yesterday, the final quake hitting shortly before 8pm.

Geonet reported a "moderate" 3.7 magnitude earthquake striking 10km west of Christchurch at 7.53pm.

The 6km deep quake's epicentre was recorded near the Templeton golf course west of the city.

Nearly five hours earlier, a 3.8 magnitude quake struck in the same place at 8km deep.


Three weak earthquakes also struck throughout the day in the same location.

The first 2.5 magnitude quake was recorded in the early hours of Sunday morning followed by two more weak quakes of a similar magnitude at 8.30am and 3.50pm.

More than 1500 people reported feeling the latest quake, just before 8pm.

Many took to social media to comment on what they say were the first earthquakes Christchurch has felt in a while.

"Must be the first quake I've felt here since June..haven't missed them at all," one Twitter user wrote after the 3pm earthquake.

"Boom. Look, one is bad enough but two is def two too many. #eqnz," another wrote.

Some speculated Christchurch could be in for a shaky night with 13 earthquakes within a 150km radius of the city in the 24 hours to 8pm.