She's the tiny New Zealand model who is gaining fame for the amount of food she is able to put away in one sitting.

And now Nela Zisser and her impressive extreme eating skills are back, this time chomping down 100 chicken fries from Burger King in just 11 minutes and 33 seconds.

The feat represents a new record for Zisser, who previously took over 16 minutes to eat 100 chicken nuggets. But at 280 calories a box, the 24-year-old managed to consume a total of 3080 calories, without including all the dipping sauces she went through.

With nine chicken fries in each box, Zisser blazes through 11 boxes. However she runs out of sauce after eight boxes, and has to smash the final two on their own - which she was not happy about afterwards.


"I've never actually tried chicken fries before but these were very dry," she says in the video.

"I don't know if they are meant to be that dry, or if the BK I went to overcooked them.

"The dipping sauce definitely did help, but I kind of ran out before the last three boxes, so that was a bit of a challenge."

Zisser, who lives in Auckland, typically posts an extreme eating video online each week.

Last year, the McDonald's fan shared a video in which she ate 22 Big Macs in less than an hour, consuming a whopping 12,386 calories - more than six times a woman's recommended daily intake.

Earlier this year the eating extraordinaire revealed that instead of starving before a competition she actually indulges in order to make her stomach increase in size.

Amazingly, despite all her eating adventures Zisser still fits into a size six.

Zisser has attempted to explain her scoffing skills in the past, saying on The Morning Show in Australia: "Basically you just need to eat enough the day before to kind of get your stomach stretched, and then you just go into it with a good technique and hope you win."


"[When you're doing a competition] you just have to zone out a little bit and just try to eat it as quickly as possible so you just put yourself into a kind of zone where you're trying to get it down as fast as you can."

New Zealand model and competitive eater Nela Zisser has nailed her latest food feat. Picture supplied
New Zealand model and competitive eater Nela Zisser has nailed her latest food feat. Picture supplied

Zisser also recently traveled to the US to compete in the annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest on Coney Island, which took place on July 4.

The young woman was excited to again take part in the competition, which she first entered in last year and finished in seventh place, having eaten 16 hot dogs.