A bus driver has been disciplined after he made inappropriate sexual comments to a teenage French girl.

The 16-year-old student was visiting from France and was harrassed by the NZ Bus driver, Fairfax media reported.

Her friend, Andrew Parsons, who was hosting her, wrote to NZ Bus and also contacted its owner Infratil about the incident.

The girl said the Auckland bus driver asked if she had a boyfriend and went on to say that foreign students were easy.


Parsons had considered going to the police, but the girl involved did not want to.

NZ Bus chief operating officer Shane McMahon said he had spoken to Parsons and the bus driver had been disciplined.

Due to privacy concerns, McMahon said he could not say what the disciplinary action was.

However, he said he had spoken to both Parsons and the bus driver.

NZ Bus has apologised and McMahon said he did not condone the driver's behaviour in any way.

"We fully investigated it. We met with the driver on a couple of occasions. He was very remorseful for what had taken place," McMahon said.

In a letter to Parsons, NZTA said: "The Transport Agency has now concluded its review of the matter and can advise you that appropriate action has been taken, and the matter has now been closed."

The girl has since returned to France.