Control of more than a million dollar in assets, including a whole forestry block, has been seized from a senior member of the Maketu Mongrel Mob.

In a statement police said they'd secured the forfeiture of $1.17 million in property under the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act, from Valentine Nicholas, who lives in the Bay of Plenty.

This follows a High Court judgment issued last week on the back of two criminal trials where Nicholas was facing charges of money laundering.

Nicholas was found not guilty at a second trial after the first trial ended in a hung jury.


Justice Hinton in the Tauranga High Court found the senior gang member was unable to show evidence of a "legitimate source of income" for a number of years.

It ruled his assets, to the value of $1.17m, had been gained through criminal offending.

Detective Inspector Paul Hampton said it was a decision that would help protect the Bay of Plenty community.

"Police believe the forfeiture of these assets will have a significant impact on preventing harm in the Bay of Plenty community by ensuring profits from criminal activity cannot be reinvested into future criminal activity.

"The judgement is a significant judgement and a reminder to all that absence of a criminal conviction does not prohibit the successful forfeiture of assets under the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act".