Destiny Church co-leader Hannah Tamaki has treated herself to a second Mercedes-Benz in seven months.

The wife of controversial, self-appointed Destiny leader Brian Tamaki has this time splashed out on a brand new Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE 450 Coupe.

The car has a normal retail price of $153,500.

Registration records show Hannah Tamaki took ownership of the luxury, nine-speed automatic on July 28.


According to Mercedes, the V6 beast comes with an array of flamboyant features as standard, including a digital television tuner and a surround-sound speaker system.

A spokesman from Mercedes-Benz North Shore confirmed the book price on the model was $153,500, before extra on-road costs.

Two months ago the Herald on Sunday revealed 55-year-old Hannah Tamaki had become the owner of a $75,000 turbo-charged Mercedes-Benz two-seater.

Combined, the two cars' value weighs in at almost $230,000.

Yesterday, Hannah Tamaki tweeted: "What u spend ur $ on, ur business, what u give 2 the poor, that's Gods business. Funi how pple that never give, hv the most 2 say."

Tamaki, who has previously talked of owning a $90,000 diamond ring, last week tweeted 10 things money can't buy, a list which included morals and class.