A police officer says he tackled murder-accused Quinton Winders to the ground in a Rotorua store because was classified as "dangerous".

Constable Martyn Roe was one of three armed offenders squad member who entered the Repco store on April 3, 2013. He was tasked with arresting Winders after reports of earlier "erratic driving", where he was reported travelling at speeds of between 110kph and 130kph.

In questioning from Winders' counsel Jonathan Temm, he asked if it was normal procedure for armed offenders squad members to tackle to the ground people who are alleged to have been speeding.

Roe said it wasn't normal but at the time he was carrying out a task with the armed offenders squad and he had been classified as "dangerous".


Temm, with a look of disbelief on his face, asked Roe if he had ever tackled somebody in that way for erratic driving before.

"No," Roe replied.

Temm put to him that Winders was a small man, in the company of his mother, carrying out shopping in town and why he would arrest him like that for erratic driving.

"Reckless driving would have been the charge, the information we [armed offenders squad] received ... was that he was seen travelling at between 110kph and 130kph and that his driving was not that of a prudent driver."

Temm put to him that he tackled him with "stealth"in the store, never spoke to him before tackling him, and asked if it was AOS or police procedure to act that way.

Roe admitted it wasn't and that the tackle was his decision after assessing the profile of Winders he had been given by senior officers as they approached the store.