A shoe-thieving cat burglar has been outed in an Auckland suburb.

A power pole covered in jandals popped up two days ago in Mt Albert and a sign reads: "Our cat has borrowed shoes - are any yours?"

Then in smaller writing, the sign says: "and he is very sorry".

About 10 shoes are attached to the pole including a matching pair of white sandals.


Heather Shingles, who works in the area, said the pole, on Bennett St, was a good way for the owner to return the stolen shoes.

"I know it happens [cats stealing shoes] but it's not usually stuck up on telephone poles.

The sign reads:
The sign reads: "Our cat has borrowed shoes - are any yours?" Photo / Heather Shingles

"Down the bottom there were a pair. The cat had brought a pair home.

"I think it's quite good how it's becoming a feature of Mt Albert."

Facebook user Leanne Meikle-Bevan called it "the power pole of shame".

Bennett St resident Nic Butterworth said the power pole has become the attraction of the neighbourhood.

"People are getting out of cars and taking photos.

"About 5000 students go past the street every day but none of the shoes have been taken off.

"It's quite funny though."

He said he hasn't seen a cat with a shoe in its mouth.

"There are cats running across the road all the time. It's a pretty catty neighbourhood.

"There's a white cat that's siamese. It could be that one."