A pedestrian hit by a car in Auckland early this morning has died in hospital.

The man was hit on Ash St, Avondale between Rosebank and Wairau Rds.

A police spokeswoman said the car hit the pedestrian at about 5.44am.

A St John spokeswoman said the man was taken to Auckland Hospital in a serious condition.


The crash is being investigated.

Bruce Andrews was on his way to the market when he saw the smashed up car.

"The front right side of the car is caved in hard.

"The car also showed damaged on the left hand side of it I don't think that was from a person.

"It's definitely hit something else.'

Andrews said he heard the pedestrian was a teenage boy.

"Terrible really for his family to see that but bad luck, poor bloke just walking across the road."

A local worker who doesn't want to be named said quite a few car accidents have happened in the area.


"In the morning the sky is dark and people are crossing the road without using pedestrian crossing lights. It would have been an easy accident to happen.

"People are doing careless driving."

An elderly woman was killed on the same road in April last year after being struck by a car on her way home.